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About Vital Hospitality

Vital Hospitality is an importer, manufacturer & supplier of innovative products & services for chefs, kitchen managers and other hospitality professionals.

We supply solutions that reduce manual labour, streamline processes, lower carbon footprints and lower operating costs, within busy commercial kitchens.

Our solutions automate and streamline processes, helping to free up time for your busy team to complete higher value-add jobs, and help to lower your carbon footprint by reducing waste & usage of natural resources. The result is more efficiency, lower costs and higher profits.

We back up our products and services with an extraordinary level of customer service and support to our customers, which helps us build long-lasting partnerships with both independent and large-brand food service operators.

We understand the need to try new equipment before you invest in it, so we can offer trials, allowing you to gauge performance in your own premises before making any commitment. We provide full training and ongoing support for your team to ensure the new solutions we provide are seamlessly integrated into your daily operational work-streams

For an informal, no commitments chat about how we can help your kitchen or bakery, please call us on 020 7700 5149.

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Why work with us?

Our Vital Hospitality offerings are simple. We provide the tools, processes and applications that support commercial kitchens and bakeries to reduce operating costs and carbon footprints.

We spend a lot of time learning about your company to successfully implement our solutions that are beneficial to your unique operation. Our customer service is outstanding, and we will work with you well into the future to ensure relentlessly improved solutions. We love working in commercial kitchens and hospitality and being witness to solutions that benefit the entire industry.


We understand

We are no strangers to busy kitchens. We understand the pressured environment that regularly handles high-volume workloads and successfully meets time-sensitive deadlines. We understand the importance of streamlining operations, providing a healthy and safe working environment and serving exceptional food.

We work in partnership with owners, chefs and kitchen porters to customise processes. We provide free trials of all of our applications in your kitchen so that you can see the results before you commit. Our highly astute team provides you with hands-on support when implementing solutions to your kitchen. Their experience and support ensure a seamless transition with minimal disruption when introducing products with significant operational, sustainable and financial benefits into your day-to-day business.

The hospitality industry is a passion and lures people from far and wide to work in Michelin-starred restaurants, luxury hotels and decadent bakeries, but behind the scenes, they usually work hot and very long hours, often at unfavourable times.

Ongoing studies show that your team is more dedicated, productive and creative when they feel supported, motivated and happy. Our Vital Hospitality solutions simplify, improve and automate many of the necessary mundane tasks.The solutions afford your chefs and kitchen porters time to concentrate on more inspiring and profitable responsibilities. These new duties are beneficial to your business, are more rewarding and help improve essential skills for each team member.


Reduce costs

Bottom line savings are essential to running any successful business. Our Vital Hospitality solutions significantly reduce the amount of natural resources and physical time required for each task and save you hundreds, if not thousands of pounds each month.


Lower your carbon footprint

Sustainability is an increasingly important factor in purchasing decisions. There’s no doubt that our current consumption of the earth’s limited resources has a significant impact on our planet’s health.

Balancing the need for commercial growth without increasing their carbon footprint is extremely difficult for business owners. Vital Hospitality’s solutions help with precisely that.


Outstanding Customer Service

Flexibility is our middle name. When we say that we will provide you with a service, we make sure that it is exceptional. The team at Vital Hospitality receive all sorts of requests; because of the nature of your business, we adapt accordingly.

We work with some of the biggest and smallest names in the industry; it doesn’t matter who you are; you will always receive the same extraordinary and considerate service. If you face a particularly complicated challenge, we will do our best to implement the necessary change.

We love to hear from you!

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