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Platescrape - Because every kitchen needs one.

Our multi-award-winning Platescrape is an innovative portable device that quickly and easily removes sauces and food bits in the blink of an eye from used plates & shallow dishes, before putting them through the dishwasher. You know that your kitchen porter often faces an overpowering mountain of dishes during and after a busy service. Platescrape is an extraordinarily simple product that saves you time, money and energy.

Traditionally, your kitchen porter would battle with a spray nozzle to pre-rinse plates and remove stubborn grease, egg, cheese, dried sauces, etc. The uneconomical sprayer nozzle uses up to an incredible fifteen litres of heated water every minute. Platescrape has undergone numerous tests, and the efforts show that using our unique pre-rinse system, your KP will save almost half of his time and will use substantially less water.

What is?

Platescrape, since its launch, has already won numerous industry revered awards, including the Green Restaurant Awards – Most Innovative Product, American Brush Manufacturers Association – ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award and the Latino Food Industry Association – Best New Restaurant Product.

How this helps...

When you use Platescrape, it takes less than 100 days to reap the rewards from your investment. Our cost-effective pre-cleaning product will save you thousands of pounds each year in staffing, water and heating costs, and it's really good for the planet.


Everyone loves efficiency, especially when service is busy. Your pot wash area has a hot water sprayer, large trays and a dishwasher. And lots of water. You can use fifteen litres of water to rinse dishes every minute; that’s 900 an hour and almost 3000 litres per service. What if you could slash that amount and eliminate water hazards and reduce the chances of injury from slipping on wet floors?

You must pre-rinse to avoid food bits from infiltrating your dishwasher, causing blockages, poor washing and breakdowns. You plunge dirty plates into the vessel before stacking the dishwasher. Platescrape has strong interlocked bristles that remove stubborn food bits from each side of the plate. The results are quick, efficient and result in your kitchen porter working more proficiently.

Reduce costs

All you need to do is fill the Platescrape vessel with 20 litres of hot water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid; this will enable your kitchen porter to rinse up to 500 plates before renewing the water. Commercial kitchens, restaurants and catering units typically see an overall water saving of about 20 – 30 per cent.

The estimated cost of pre-rinsing 200,000 plates
  Platescrape Nozzle
Water costs £44.50 £534.00
Energy costs £46.50 £556.00

Platescrape reduces the amount of hot water used for pre-rinsing by 80 to 90 per cent (93 per cent in a controlled laboratory environment). Using Platescrape, you will save on water, energy, time and staffing costs that affect your bottom line.

Cleaner pot-wash area

When using a sprayer tap, there will be considerable splash-back from the plates. You know that this creates a hazardous working environment not only for your kitchen porter but for pressured chefs and busy waiters. Platescrape eliminates any splash-back and leaves the pot wash area safe, dry, clean and hygenic.

Smaller carbon footprint

The Environment Agency has predicted that, due to climate change and changing weather patterns, the UK won’t have sufficient freshwater to meet its population’s needs within the next 25 years unless our behaviours change.

Using Platescrape in an average size restaurant kitchen will save thousands of litres of water every day and could save up to a million litres over a year. Imagine if every kitchen across the country used Platescrape. Let’s all be part of the change.


Bucket material:
Dishwasher safe plastic
High strength structure.
BPA free
Brushes material:
Grade 6.12 Nylon bristles
Ergonomically designed.
Slide-on/off for easy assembly/disassembly
Dishwasher safe
44 cm
28 cm
30.5 cm
2 Kg
20 L
Round plates:
Diameter 40 cm (maximum thickness 1.90 cm)
Rectangle plates:
Maximum length 40 cm (maximum thickness 1.90 cm)
Maximum length 40 cm/maximum width 35 cm (maximum thickness - 1.90 cm)
Spatulas, sharp knives, wooden spoons, mixing spoons, basting spoons, skimmer, tongs, peelers, turners and lots more


“Greatest Invention!!!”

“This is the greatest invention for the restaurant industry. If your restaurant does not have one then you must like spending tons of money on your water bill! Not only do you save money on water, but your plates actually come out clean! Nate was an absolute gem to deal with and I can honestly say that I could see this product in every kitchen within the next few years!”

Nick, Chucks Roadhouse, Canada

“We love our Platescrape! It helped us save 9,000 gallons (40,000 litres) of water in July”

MacKenzie River Pizza Co

We were having problems with plates coming out of our dishwasher still dirty. The solution to the problem is the Platescrape! No more dirty plates. No more wasted time, water or chemicals. Serving thousands of hungry students at a major University, any way to save time is invaluable. And this product has definitely delivered and paid for itself many times over. And the customer service is outstanding as well.

Brad, R.

“My name is Josh, owner of Vittles Catering in Mardela Springs, MD. We have rinsed and racked
dishes at our off-site jobs for years and we finally bought one of your PlateScrapes…WOW!! It was worth every penny and cut our rinse time in half. This will hands down be one of our best
and most efficient tools”

Josh, Vittles Catering USA

“We used to have problems with running out of hot water during busy service due to the size of
hot water heater in our small kitchen space, but every since we’ve started using the Platescrape, we never have that problem again.”

“Our water bills have also dramatically reduced as we don’t have to rinse off the plates like we
used to. We also use it for off-site catering where kitchen space in not available. Customer
service is great also. Whenever you reach out, someone is always there and quickly responds
to your requests. Ill totally recommend the product.”

Tara, Cafe Lola

Further Information


What can be cleaned in the Platescrape?

Platescrape is designed for pre-rinsing plates but can also be used for shallow bowls, trays, cutlery, utensils and virtually anything that can fit between the brushes.


Who is Platescrape for?

Platescrape will benefit any commercial kitchen that reuses crockery such as restaurants, caterers (especially off-site catering), hotels, hospitals, cafe’s, banqueting spaces and more.


How can the Platescrape be cleaned?

The Platescrape is best cleaned in the dishwasher. Simply slide off the brackets and brushes and put them, along with the Platescrape bucket, through a dishwasher cycle.


What makes Platescrape so effective?

The design, structure and operation of the Platescrape allow it to produce effective results.

The cornerstone of Platescrape is the award-winning brushes, designed in collaboration with a leading American brush manufacturer. Each bristle has a special coating that prevents bacterial growth; it is strong enough to remove food bits a sprayer nozzle and dishwasher can’t, yet they are smooth enough to ensure no scratches to the plates.

Platescrape is designed to be portable and simple to use. It’s particularly beneficial for busy kitchens and those who do off-site catering. Operators need minimal training and will master the process within a few shifts.


Has Platescrape received any awards?

Green Restaurant Awards Most Innovative Product
American Brush Manufacturers Association ABMA William A. Cordes Innovation Excellence Award
Latino Food Industry Association Best New Restaurant Product
Underwriters Laboratories UL Approved
National Sanitation Foundation NSF Approved

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