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Deep Fryers - A world with cleaner oil

The team at Vital Hospitality understands that managing food and other related costs are essential to running a successful business.

Quality cooking oil attracts a high cost. It is important to maximise its useful life expectancy to ensure consistency and freshness of fried foods, manage costs and maintain appropriate margins. By choosing Vital Hospitality’s deep fryer solutions, you will significantly extend the life of your oil and reduce frying costs by up to 60 per cent.

We have designed our deep fryer solutions to make you more efficient. They filter oil to remove batter, crumbs and micro-contaminants such as free fatty acids (FFA) to maintain absolute oil freshness and reduce oil changes, while our testing kits ensure that you change the oil at precisely the right time.

If you already have a filtration programme in place, we have a vast range of top-grade filter papers compatible with most integrated filters, including Lincat, Pitco and Frymaster, all at modest prices.

What is?


Oleotest is a rapid test that enables you to assess and control the quality of your frying oils.

Just carefully add warm oil from your fryer into the tube, seal the cap and shake to mix the reagent with the oil. Wait two minutes for the colour to change to see a clear indication of the level of impurities in the oil.

This test ensures that you replace the oil at precisely the right time and extract maximum value.


OilHandy is like no other. The oil filter effortlessly removes crumbs, batter and other visible contaminants from your oil. Unlike other filters, you place OilHandy directly into the hot oil, meaning you no longer need to transfer the hot oil into a separate filtering device.

By using OilHandy, you’ll notice that you reduce your frying oil costs and carbon footprint by using, transporting and processing oil by at least 50 per cent. The clean oil will allow you to maintain essential consistency and quality of your fried foods.

OilHandy is a quicker, safer and more convenient way to filter your oil.

Miracle Filter Powder

Miracle Filter Powder removes toxic, invisible contaminants from your frying oil.

Add Miracle Powder to the oil just before filtering. The particles act as a magnet that attracts and bonds to FFA’s (free fatty acids) and other micro-contaminants that are then removed during the OilHandy filtering process.

How this helps...

Using our Vital Hospitality deep fry solutions will enable you to reduce your oil costs by up to 60 per cent and save hundreds of pounds every month.

Reduce costs

The rapid Oleotest is a quick, accurate and easy way to test your frying oil to ensure timely replacement. If you replace your oil too early, you are throwing away good money. If you replace it too late, you are producing and serving sub-standard fried food. Not only are you forgoing taste, texture and quality, but there could also be health implications.

OilHandy and Miracle Power quickly and easily filter out crumbs, batter, food bits, free fatty acids and other impurities from the oil, extending its useful life by up to 300 per cent.

Fried food quality

The quality of fried food is dependent on the superiority and freshness of the oil. Clean, high-quality oil results in crispier, consistent and flavoursome fried foods. Cooking with oil is a complex process because the cooking environment is forever changing. The oil changes from being a pure triglyceride to a substance with potentially thousands of damaging compounds such as aldehydes, ketones and other polar materials, many of which are suspected carcinogenic compounds.  . Moisture, heat, light and many other factors speed up the rate of degradation.

It’s vital to maintain your frying oil so that you can consistently produce high-quality food.


Your chefs spend much of their time in the kitchen prepping and cleaning. Streamlining these processes is essential, and our smart deep frying solutions facilitate this extra time.

OilHandy is operated in hot oil in the fryers so that you can decide when it is convenient to filter. The oil will last up to three times longer and therefore reduces time-consuming oil changes. The OilHandy filtering cycle takes a mere five minutes, and its compact size makes storing it an easy proposition.

The convenient Oleotest requires no maintenance or calibration and gives you accurate and easy to read results in seconds.

Smaller carbon footprint

Our deep fryer solutions reduce your oil consumption by an average of 50 per cent. By combining the products, you eliminate a staggering half the production, processing, packaging, storage, collection and disposal of the oil, resulting in a much-reduced carbon footprint and a more sustainable and efficient kitchen.


As oil degrades, new compounds containing carcinogenic properties, polymerised triglycerides and other polar compounds lead to increased health risks. Our solutions quickly evaluate the TPM (total polar materials) and the overall condition of the oil. Many countries have set legal limits on TPMs permissible in oil, typically at 24 per cent. The colour of the oil is not a reliable indicator of the quality. The only accurate way to maintain consistent and healthy oil quality is by testing. Suboptimal oil will result in greasier foods through easier absorption.


Our carefully curated solutions comprise Oleotest, OilHandy and Miracle Powder. Use together for maximum health, quality, cost and operational benefits. We also provide a wide range of compatible filter papers for many integrated and separate oil filtration machines.
Nominal Voltage:
230V AC 50Hz
Nominal Current:
Storage temperature:
10°c – 45°c
Usage temperature:
Min oil temp - 100°c / Max oil temp - 180°c
Fryer size:
Max - 50L / Min - 20L
7.2 kg
OleoTest tube dimensions:
60mm x 16mm
OleoTest tube material:
Oil testing temp:
Min 60°c / Max 80°c
OleoTest Storage temperature:
Min 5°c / Max 20°c
Shelf life:
18 months
100% pure Magnesium trisilicate
White powdered crystals
Recommended dose:
4g / litre oil
Pack sizes:
10 / 18 kg bulk tubs
120g sachets (30 litre fryer)
160g sachets (40 litre fryer)


PITCO T24 Filter Envelope

520 mm
254 mm


PITCO T2 Filter Envelope

560 mm
360 mm
Non woven 1035


Henny Penny 8Head Envelope

530 mm
365 mm
Non woven 1035


Henny Penny 4Head Envelope

380 mm
355 mm
Non woven 1035


Henny Penny LOV Loaded Sheet

485 mm
285 mm
Filter paper pre-loaded with Miracle Fry Powder


Frymaster T5 Sheet

860 mm
560 mm
Non woven 1035


Frymaster T9 Sheet

700 mm
500 mm
Non woven 1035

This machine is fantastic. After buying the OilHandy filter we noticed an immediate reduction in our weekly oil orders, and its so so easy to use.

Head Chef, Wesley Hotel

Further Information


What is degrading oil?

Oil starts life as almost pure triglyceride molecules but exposure to light, heat, carbon, moisture and air, during the frying process, causes a series of chemical reactions which create harmful compounds and alter the odour, colour, taste and health effects of the oil.

To accurately assess these polar compounds, you will need to measure the grade of oil oxidation. There are many regional, national and global health recommendations that prohibit the sale of foods prepared in oils with a polar content of 25 per cent or more.


What makes OilHandy different to other filtering systems?

You’ll find that most frying oil filters require you to manually transfer the oil into a separate container for filtering. Upon completion, it needs to be transferred back into the original fryer. This means that there is much oil wastage, loss of time to allow for cooling and transfer, potential workplace hazards from dangerous spillages, and storing large, cumbersome equipment.

OilHandy is placed directly into the hot oil in the fryer. This smart system allows you to filter the oil multiple times each day, generally after each service period, allowing you to keep the oil fresh and clean.


How does the OilHandy filter out particles?

The OilHandy motor draws oil into the filter at a rate of 50 litres each minute for a five-minute cycle. The filter box contains disposable filter papers that catch particles larger than 5 μm. The clean oil is pushed back into the fryer using pressure.


How does testing with Oleotest help you?

The quality of the oil used directly affects the superiority of the food produced. As you know, the pure triglyceride molecules slowly degrade in the presence of light, heat, food particles and other contaminants. The deterioration creates polar compounds, termed collectively as TPM (total polar materials); the concentration of the TPM compounds reflect the oil quality.

By regularly testing your oil with Oleotest, you will ensure that you only discard the oil when necessary allowing you to maximise its value.


Will Miracle Fry Oil Powder affect the oil, taste or quality of food?

Miracle Fry Oil Powder is made under the highest food grade standards. It is made from 100 per cent Magnesium Silicate and has no flavour or odour. Magnesium Silicate is the only known means of removing FFAs, OFAs and other micro impurities that create a bitter taste from frying oil. By removing these impurities, you will improve the flavour of fried foods throughout the life of the oil.


How do we dispose of the Oleotest’s?

Used Oleotest’s should be stored in the box , away from direct sunlight, as evidence of oil management as the result will remain for several months.

Thereafter please dispose of the tests in your municipal waste.

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